FIRE EMT embraces change to combat COVID-19

1 October 2020

For a company like FIRE EMT, being on location at its clients’ businesses installing and inspecting fire safety and prevention measures, providing training and instruction for employees has been at the core of its operations.

When COVID-19 hit Australian shores, shutting down buildings, offices and industrial locations across the country, his business had to rapidly adapt, or simply perish.

Thankfully, FIRE EMT founder and director Garry Dawson has forged a new path in the months since March, changing the way his company provides its range of services and equipment. The good news is that it’s working!

“As we emerge from this situation, Fire EMT are planning to be ready to expand again as the economy expands,” Garry said.

“We are working with unknown timeframes and ever-changing goals, many taken out of our hands by government restrictions and border closures.

“However we as individuals and as an organisation can take control, plan for the worst and hope for the best…. All this whilst knowing we have to operate within difficult-to-manage parameters,” he said.

So how has FIRE EMT changed the way it goes about its business?

  1. Offering its services through Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  2. Launching the company’s new first aid kit inspection service.
  3. Promoting a new range of products including a cost-efficient fluorescent emergency exit signage solution.
  4. Collaborating with and assisting other fire maintenance and training organisations, especially with any required interstate work that prevents companies in other states from entering Queensland.
  5. Working with and supporting clients to ensure delivery of compliance services through alternate means. Remote instruction/ online and social distancing on site services.
  6. Cutting baseline costs whilst building a cash base to see the company through these difficult times, so it’s fully prepared for when government assistance tapers off.
  7. Dedication to becoming more streamlined, migrating to digital solutions.
  8. Moved to a smaller operating platform to match current reduced client base.
  9. Developed staff mental health support systems. FIRE EMT has developed a survival strategy called Project Sunrise, similar to a well-known local airline’s recent Project. FIRE EMT’s strategy however is about a new dawn and a new beginning.

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