So in a post-COVID world, what is Queensland’s workplace of tomorrow looking like?

26 June 2020

Queensland’s workplace of tomorrow may not yet be 100% clear, but three of our state’s leading human resources practitioners believe it’s not as scary as we might think.

In its Lunchtime Series webinar on 25 June, BNE Enterprise invited u&u Recruitment Partners’ Human Resources Partner Kate Vuleta to lead a wide-ranging Q&A discussion with Brisbane Airport Corporation Executive General Manager of Human Resources Jane Dionysius and MOQdigital Head of People and Culture Kelly Wilkes, leaving guests reassured that Queensland’s road to post-COVID recovery may not be as treacherous as first thought.

The subject of workforce reintegration was a session highlight, with both Jane and Kelly providing an unvarnished, true-to-life picture of their respective operations’ challenges in recent weeks and months, dealing with welcoming employees back to the workplace.

Our guest speakers found common ground in the belief that work life from 1 July will change, but with many aspects changing for the better, offering employees greater flexibility, more efficient and innovative use of existing technology infrastructure and a completely new dynamic around collaborative partnerships between clients and suppliers.

What’s certain for Queensland business and its leaders is the need to shift focus from COVID-19 being the insurmountable economic inhibitor, to being the catalyst for dynamic change to the way we operate.

To get the full picture on our guest speakers insights, click below to see the Queensland’s Workplace of Tomorrow webinar: